Did you know that WATERBURY, CT is the birthplace of the comic book?

It's true.

Sunday funnies were printed nationally for newspapers primarily ganged together and printed at a major printer [Eastern Color Printing] in Waterbury. Someone got the idea of reformatting the strips in booklet form with the idea of selling them on the newsstand for 10 cents a copy. Famous Funnies #1 rolled off the presses here in Waterbury, it sold out, and history was made. Superheroes and other original material came later.
The printer is gone, the building now houses a local newspaper.

Courtesy of Bruce Otter:
Famous Funnies: A Carnival of Comics (1933) a one-shot from Eastman Color Printing is considered by many historians to be the first modern American comic book, in that it was presented in a magazine format, and not a tabloid newspaper insert, its direct predecessors Eastman, and Dell another early publisher.

Famous Funnies #1 was released in 1934 and ran 218 issues, and was the inspiration for all sorts of comic reprint titles in the 1930s. New Fun Comics #1 was released in 1935 by National Allied Publications which was the first American comic magazine to feature material that was all new, instead of newspaper reprints. The success of these early publication led to more and more material being created specifically for original publications.

New Fun eventually became More Fun, and National Allied eventually became DC Comics. More Fun Comicsfeatured the first appearance of Superboy in 1945 in issue #101.