There are a lot of Matt Smiths.  This Matt Smith isn’t the one that is an editor at 2000AD.  He also isn’t the crazy talented comic artist Matthew Dow Smith (Hi Matt!)  Nor has he ever portrayed that time traveling doctor dude everyone seems to like so much.  Then there are a bunch of musicians, a churchy guy, regular boring doctors who don’t time travel and one scrillion others. 


You probably know one personally.  Is he cool? Do you want to kill him? Does he at least like good music?


Eventually all Matt Smiths will fight throughout the ages, on windswept Scottish heaths and underground parking garages until only one of us remains.  Then, that victorious Matt, which will of course be me (sorry, Matts!), will never have to worry about being confused with another Matt Smith ever again.  Thank Crom and all his devils.

This Matt wrote and drew Barbarian Lord.  A grim and determined love letter to all things Icelandic Saga-y and Conan-ish in the form of a 172 page graphic novel that you can still get from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  He more recently worked on Lake of Fire for Image comics with Nathan Fairbairn.  Maybe he'll do something else soon and maybe also stop referring to himself in the third person.  No promises.